Basic Requirements for Becoming an Adult Education Teacher

Although teaching adult learners is significantly different than teaching children, many of the qualifications are the same. A successful teacher must have the right combination of education and experience. State requirements regarding adult teachers are typically minimum requirements. Individual organizations may choose to set the bar for write my paper for cheap than the state minimum. Therefore, qualifications may vary from location to location. Here are a few key areas to consider if you are considering becoming an adult education teacher.

College Degree
In order to be an adult education teacher, you need a minimum of a bachelor's degree. Some organizations may also require a master's degree. In general, the degree must be in the subject you want to teach, or you must be able to demonstrate proficiency in the field you want to teach.


Teacher Certification
In some states, adult education teachers are required to be certified to teach. This may also be a requirement of some hiring organizations in states in which it is not the law. Obtaining teacher certification generally requires coursework and field experience in education as well as a passing score on a certification exam. Some states offer alternative routes to teacher certification for those who hold college degrees in areas other than education.

Classroom Experience
Most employers require adult learning teachers to have some classroom experience, preferably with adult learners. Education majors often meet the minimum requirement for this as a result of student teaching programs. However, some employers may prefer teachers who have had more extensive experience. Volunteer teaching experience is often considered valid experience as long as it was in a classroom setting. So, if you're considering a career as an adult education teacher and do not have classroom experience, consider volunteering at a local community center or organization.

A Minimum Standardized Test Score
Adult education teachers who teach to a specific standardized test, such as the GED, are usually required to achieve a minimum score on that test before being hired to teach it. The reason for this is simple: in order to effectively teach students how to take a test, a teacher must be familiar with it. This is important not just in regard to academic knowledge but in being able to offer helpful tips and tricks for saving time and choosing the most likely answer based on process of elimination.

A career at an adult education center is rewarding. As an adult education teacher, you help adults achieve long-time goals and set new ones. However, prior to getting hired, you must meet the basic qualifications.